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June wildlife sightings from Nick Davies and other news from Hebridean Whale Cruises.

Blown Away

17th June 2007

I've never known a June to have so much bad weather! Again relentless northerly winds so the whale sightings are significantly down.

We are doing very well with passage migrant birds though. Pomarine Skuas and multiple Long-tailed Skua sightings. One sighting of a White-billed Diver just off Melvaig as well. European Storm Petrels have been seen in good numbers on just about every offshore trip.

From Sharks to Sea Eagles

24th June 2007

We recorded our first Basking Shark sighting of the season on the 21st. Quite a large one, in the 20ft range. And we've had sporadic Otter sightings as usual.

Shiant Island trips on Orca 1, the new RHIB, are proving very popular. Our passengers have been delighted by thousands upon thousands of sea birds, none more lovable than the Puffins. And the big seal colonies on the Shiants never fail to please as they seem so inquisitive over there, always following the boat.

We've seen White–tailed Eagles on many trips. A second year juvenile with yellow wing tags seems to have taken up residence on the north cliffs of Garbh Eilean, one of the Shiant islands. It's sometimes joined by an adult. We think the juvenile might be a wild bred bird from Lewis, but we couldn't quite make out the code on the tags.

Whale and Dolphin Watch

30th June 2007

The annual National Whale and Dolphin Watch, organised by the Sea Watch Foundation, got underway this week.

White-beaked Dolphin – June 2007

Late June can be the best time of year for Minke sightings and we recorded our fair share, plus Common Dolphins and several White-beaked Dolphins (pictured).







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