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June wildlife sightings from Nick Davies and other news from Hebridean Whale Cruises.

Dolphins everywhere

26 June 2009

Dolphins here, dolphins there, dolphins everywhere! I've never seen so many individual pods of Short-beaked Common Dolphins before.

Common Dolphins June 2009

On one cruise we encountered six different dolphin pods ranging from 15 to 60 animals with hundreds of Northern Gannets tracking them. Lots of Minkes Whales and Harbour Porpoises too.

For the birders, we were struggling to find the usual influx of European Storm-petrels until yesterday when we must have seen 20 birds – they were feeding in a flock in the same area the whales were feeding.

The forecast is again good for the week ahead so we're looking forward to it. Sorry to anyone who was disappointed that we had to cancel so many cruises this week because of our gear box problem. It's all better now!

The seas are alive with wildlife

1 June 2009

Things are really starting to happen now with the return of Common Dolphins, Minke Whales in the Loch, the first Basking Shark sighting near Melvaig and a Humpback Whale just outside the Loch!

Got a photo (below) of an identifiable Minke that has been feeding in the Loch with at least one juvenile.

Minke Whale June 2009

The Shiant Islands are more than alive this year not just with the Auks but the predators are in good numbers. Last year a pair of Peregrines nested next to the 'drunk man of the Shiants' and they are there again this year.

What is even better is that a pair of juvenile White-tailed Eagles (pictured below) seem to have taken up residency as we have seen them on all our cruises out there this year.

White-tailed Eagle June 2009

I can't quite make the wing tags out but there is one white and one yellow so I'll have a chat with our local SNH eagle man and try to find out where they were tagged.







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