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April wildlife sightings from Nick Davies and other news from Hebridean Whale Cruises.

Otter cubs at new booking office

24 April 2010

Whilst waiting for the afternoon cruise today I heard the instantly recognisable squeak of an otter cub calling to it's mother just at the back of our new office and was delighted to watch these two catching crabs and sharing their rewards with each other for 20 minutes with some of our passengers.

Juvenile Otters April 2010

A Minke, an eagle and no military

20 April 2010

The first local Minke whale sighting of the season was by Barry Blake on the 11th moving north towards Melvaig at 1030 in the MORNING. Of course we weren't out until the afternoon!

The bi-annual military manoeuvres have thankfully finished now so we will have a better chance with the whale sightings.

We had a fantastic cruise to the Shiants last Sunday with a pair of White-tailed Eagles entertaining the passengers only 50ft above our heads for over 10 minutes.

Wrong weather woes

9 April 2010

I'm going to start this month with a bit of a rant ... not at the usual suspects of Iceland and Norway but the good old BBC weather forecasters!

On behalf of the entire tourist industry on the north west coast of Scotland thank you for that utterly wrong weather prediction for us over the Easter weekend that had local campsites especially with up to 75% cancellation rates for the holiday weekend!

I and countless others are totally sick of these weather forecasters continually getting it wrong for us! I hope they realise what an impact it has on our tourism-orientated remote communities that rely on attracting visitors to be able to give the wide selection of activities and accommodation options available in the north west highlands.







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