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June wildlife sightings from Nick Davies and other news from Hebridean Whale Cruises.

The Mega-Pod returns!

21 June 2010

On our way to see the whales today we bumped into at least 1000 Short-beaked Common Dolphins again. What seemed like the whole of the sea for five square miles was alive with Dolphins!

All our passengers were clicking away with their cameras (could be some contenders for photo of the year) absolutely gob-smacked by what they were witnessing as this rarely happens in U.K. waters. Here's the video I shot…

There was so much mixed behaviour I think I was in the right place at the right time because we left the dolphins to go and see the whales about another four miles out, and when we passed the same location on the way back I could still see huge pods to the north and south so the mega pod had fragmented. This was confirmed later on when the Kerry only encountered a meagre 300!

Up close and compact

10 June 2010

We've had the usual northerly winds so far this month but it's not bad weather for us. Last month was quiet for whale sightings but that has all changed since we started our 2½ hour Orca 1 cruise. This goes all the way over to the north end of Skye where we have encountered Minke Whales on every cruise.

On one cruise we had a very exciting encounter with an adult Minke that came around the boat for about 10 minutes, spy hopping and generally being inquisitive which was jaw-dropping for all our passengers. Just about everyone on board had cameras and were clicking away until the whale spy hopped two metres from the boat! The clicking stopped because most of the cameras, including mine, had big lenses on and were no good at such close quarters. Uwe Bachmann to the rescue! – his little compact digital camera got these magnificent photos. Thank you Uwe for allowing us to use these shots.

Minke Whale June 2010 Minke Whale June 2010

Photo competition

Publishing Uwe Bachmann's pictures has given me a bit of an idea. We are going to start a competition for the best passenger photo of the year with a complimentary cruise and a night at the Old Inn in Gairloch for the lucky winners!

Email your pictures and your contact details to We will post your pictures on our Facebook page and have a public vote for the winner. Good luck and get snapping!

Terns and more...

Latest on the Common Terns: they have not as yet decided to breed on Glas Eileen which is probably a good decision with all the boat traffic around the island.

Other bird news: we have had several reports of a Long-tailed Skua hanging around for over a week now and a Black-browed Albatross feeding behind a fishing boat not too far away from us!







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