Fáilte !

Welcome to Hebridean Whale Cruises !

Whale Watching and Wildlife Cruises from Gairloch, on Scotland’s spectacular North West coast !

***Covid-19 Update*** (June 2021)


So we started running cruises again since end-May/early-June.
Apologies for those who are waiting on a reply.

As we are low staffed and have a lot of extra work on our plate, I am replying emails depending request dates.

We’ll open bookings with time intervals approximately a week or so in advanced. Later dates will follow.
So at this moment: Yes, we hope we will still be running cruises until September/October!
(weather and Covid-restrictions dependent)

Due to the current covid-restrictions however we are VERY limited in number of cruises and seats!!!
This is because of the physical distance that still applies, but also because of the sanitizing process we need to do with all the suits, lifejackets etc.

At the moment we are also low staffed. We try to get through everything, but please be patient.

As said before we’ll be opening bookings in intervals /time slots, as our supplies are limited, so we can adhere to the current guidelines.
Please know number of Cruises and number of Seats are very limited.

(We may(?) fit it few more people in the same bubble depending on other bubbles who have booked).

Due to the current situation we won’t be able to run both cruises on a daily basis.

When joining us on a cruise :
Covid-guidelines will apply !!!

– wash your hands regularly

– wear face mask / face coverings

– adhere to social distancing

(outside 2m ; on board 1m (with face covering))

We WILL PROVIDE water- and windproof suits and lifejackets.

We will NOT PROVIDE gloves, hats, sunglasses, drybags, …

If you or anyone close to you experienced signs of Covid, please inform us (if booked) and do NOT come over.

If you joined us on a cruise and experiences signs of Covid shortly after, please inform us as well.

Please keep in mind, it is always advised to have alternative plans when visiting us in Gairloch.
Whether restrictions are present or not, we do remain weather dependent and need favourable weather conditions to head out.

We hope all of you stay safe and well.
Above all else, look after each other and respect the communities you are visiting.

If you’re travelling from outside Scotland, please note that Scotland follows different restrictions than England, Wales, ….


Glittering Waters

From Gairloch, we look out over the fringes of the Atlantic Ocean. On the horizon are the misty shapes of the Outer Hebrides. To the South, we see the majestic peaks of the Isle of Skye.

We Bring You Close

These Hebridean Waters are favoured with an abundance of Marine Wildlife.
Here you will find Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises, Sharks, … – the great creatures of the sea.
On the Shoreline, there are colonies of Seals and families of Otters.
We have Birds as rare and spectacular as the White-tailed Eagle and as lovable as the Puffin.

Offshore – Inshore

Our boat operates daily Whale / Dolphin Watching and Wildlife Cruises.
Offshore, to whale and dolphin feeding grounds in the open waters of the North Minch.
Inshore, around Loch Gairloch, a natural Wildlife Haven.

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