Prices and Booking

***Covid-19 Update*** (June 2021)


So we started running cruises again since end-May/early-June.
Apologies for those who are waiting on a reply. As we are low staffed and have a lot of extra work on our plate, I am replying emails depending request dates.
We’ll open bookings with time intervals approximately a week or so in advanced. Later dates will follow.
So at this moment: Yes, we hope we will still be running cruises until September/October!
(weather and Covid-restrictions dependent)
Due to the current covid-restrictions however we are VERY limited in number of cruises and seats!!!
This is because of the physical distance that still applies, but also because of the sanitizing process we need to do with all the suits, lifejackets etc.
At the moment we are also low staffed. We try to get through everything, but please be patient.
As said before we’ll be opening bookings in intervals /time slots, as our supplies are limited, so we can adhere to the current guidelines.
Please know number of Cruises and number of Seats are very limited.
(We may(?) fit it few more people in the same bubble depending on other bubbles who have booked).
Due to the current situation we won’t be able to run both cruises on a daily basis.
When joining us on a cruise :
Covid-guidelines will apply !!!
– wash your hands regularly
– wear face mask / face coverings
– adhere to social distancing
(outside 2m ; on board 1m (with face covering))
We WILL PROVIDE water- and windproof suits and lifejackets.
We will NOT PROVIDE gloves, hats, sunglasses, drybags, …
If you or anyone close to you experienced signs of Covid, please inform us (if booked) and do NOT come over.
If you joined us on a cruise and experiences signs of Covid shortly after, please inform us as well.
Please keep in mind, it is always advised to have alternative plans when visiting us in Gairloch.
Whether restrictions are present or not, we do remain weather dependent and need favourable weather conditions to head out.
We hope all of you stay safe and well.
Above all else, look after each other and respect the communities you are visiting.
If you’re travelling from outside Scotland, please note that Scotland follows different restrictions than England, Wales, ….


2021 Prices

Child (minimum 4yrs up to 12yrs)
Shiant Islands
(3 Hours) (START of SEASON ONLY)
/ /
Whales & Wildlife 
(2,5 Hours)
£ 75  £ 55
Ultimate ‘Orca 1’
(4 Hours)
£ 120 £ 90
Flexible Minch
(3 Hours) (AUTUMN ONLY)
£ 90 £ 65

Main Season – Mid-May until Mid-September

From mid-May until mid-September we’ll be running both our 2.5 h ‘Whales & Wildlife’ cruises and our 4h ‘Ultimate Orca 1’ cruises on daily basis* on different moments of the day. So hopefully everybody can find their perfect moment. (*weather permitting)

During the summer months, the ‘Ultimate Orca 1’ cruise departs either early in the morning or late afternoon to take advantage of usually more favourable sea conditions in the morning/evening as we search much more open water areas and it is still daylight this far north.

Cruise times vary due to demand and weather conditions!

Generally, the morning cruise departs at 0900/1000 hrs and the afternoon cruise departs between 1300/1500 hrs depending on the duration of the morning cruises.

We do recommend booking a morning or late afternoon/evening cruise if you can, as we often encounter the worst sea conditions in the early afternoons! Still, weather conditions cannot be foretold and sightings can be seen during the entire day.

To see full details of our schedules and availability, please go to our online booking system.

Low Season – mid-April until mid-May

We start our season with our 3h ‘Shiant Islands’ Cruises where we head straight to the Shiant Islands to see the 250.000 Atlantic Puffins, Razorbills, Guillemots, …
The Shiant Islands are also the home of 500 Grey and Common Seals and where Golden and White-tailed Eagles roam the sky.

Low Season – mid-September until October

September and October are still amazing months for good sightings, with chances on some more unique individuals re-visiting the area.
Unfortunately the weather can be more challenging and customer numbers are lower. So too ensure we are able to get out as much as possible and as far as needed, we implemented the Flexible Minch cruise. This cruise is initially a 3h cruise to start off with, but if certain animals need some longer travelling, this cruise will be extended after discussion (with extra cost).


Can be done …


Use our online booking system.

– By Telephone (Our office is closed at the moment due to minimum staff)

Call : 01445 712 458

In Person (Our office is closed at the moment due to minimum staff)

At our Gairloch Harbour Booking Office – where to find us.

Our cruises are very popular and advanced booking is recommended, particularly during the summer months.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements and advise on the availability of our cruises.

You might also like to look at our advice and information page, which answers some frequently-asked questions.


Bad weather occasionally forces us to shorten or even cancel some cruises. If you have booked a cruise which is cancelled or curtailed because of adverse conditions then we will make every effort to offer you an alternative or refund your payment.

We require a minimum number of passengers on our boats for our longer cruises. On our 2.5h and 3h cruises we must have at least eight passengers, on our 4h cruise we aim for at least ten passengers. If there are insufficient passenger numbers on your preferred cruise then we will make every effort to find you a suitable alternative or refund your payment.

Please read our full “Booking Terms and Conditions before booking.