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Welcome to Hebridean Whale Cruises.
We operate whale watching and wildlife cruises from Gairloch, on Scotland's spectacular north west coast

Glittering Waters

From Gairloch we look out over the fringes of the Atlantic Ocean. On the horizon are the misty shapes of the Outer Hebride.

We Bring You Close

Here you will find whales, dolphins, porpoises, sharks – the great creatures of the sea.

Offshore and Inshore

Our boat based in Gairloch operates daily whale and wildlife cruises – Offshore, to whale and dolphin feeding grounds in the open waters.

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Latest news:

Minke Sighting!

Brilliant day - 3 minkes (one juvenile right up to the boat, plus a lunge feeding adult!), 70 short-beaked common dolphins and 6 risso's dolphins

Minke Sighting

There's been so many minkes this past week. It's Unbelievable!

The Great Lunge Feeding Minke Whale.

The great lunge feeding minke whales are considered "resident in the Hebrides".

Killer Whale Sighting

Orcas (a.k.a Killer whales) are by far the most beautiful whales of the Hebrides in my opinion! (more…)