Our company’s origin lies in 1987 when Kerry Sea Angling and Cruises was born. A few years later the company was under new management by the family Davies.

Hebridean Whale Cruises!
Nick Davies made the company to what it is today, moving the focus from sea angling close to shore, with M.V. Kerry, towards exploring the open Sea of the North Minch, with Orca 1, where we encounter Whales & Dolphins close to offshore feeding grounds.
Exploring the open sea also opened up the way towards the Shiant Islands, where we are able to see the stunning beauty of the islands, where among othersĀ Puffins, Razorbills, GuillemotsĀ and more bird species find there nest, where Golden and White-tailed Eagles roam the sky, and where Common & Grey Seals have their home.

Today, Nick’s direction, passion and knowledge is still the foundation of our trips.
As our team has a variety of experience in Wildlife Conservation and several connections with Research and Conservation agencies and charities, we try to work and help towards more safe and healthier marine wildlife populations.

As a small, friendly company we tab into our passion, skill and expertise to give you the best possible wildlife experience.