Advice and Information


The safety of passengers is the highest priority for our Skippers.

You will receive a safety briefing before each voyage begins and while on board you must at all times comply with safety instructions from your Skipper.

Passengers on Orca 1 are issued with a full-body flotation suit (pictured) which you wear over your normal clothing.


Children are always fascinated and excited by the thrill of a trip on Orca 1.

Orca 1 is fitted with special jockey seats which allow an adult and child to sit together. However, it is essential that all passengers are able to firmly grip the boats hand-holds and for this reason, we do not recommend Orca 1 for younger children.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If you are uncertain about whether our boat is suitable for your family then please ask. We will be delighted to advise.

What to Wear

On Orca 1 your flotation suit (above) provides most of the protection you need. However, we do recommend gloves, even on summer cruises, and some passengers bring a warm hat (one which won’t blow off!). Always wear flat-heeled shoes.

What to Bring

Only the essentials which you will need for the trip. These might include binoculars and a camera (recommended). Don’t forget sunscreen during the summer (as UV levels at sea can be very high).

We do not normally offer refreshments and you might want to carry a snack or soft drink on longer trips – please do not bring alcoholic drinks on board.

What Not to Bring

Luggage: We cannot accommodate large bags or other bulky items. On Orca 1 all essential items should be carried on your person.

Dogs: Unfortunately we cannot take dogs or other pets on Orca 1.

Cigarettes: Smoking is not permitted on our boats.

Medical Conditions

The ride on Orca 1 can sometimes be bumpy. The boat is designed to plane across the water and, in a swell, this means that we sometimes impact forcefully with the waves.

For this reason, Orca 1 is unsuitable for anyone with a lower back or other condition which could be aggravated by jarring of the body; and for anyone who cannot maintain a firm grip on the boat’s hand-holds.

For the same reason, a cruise on Orca 1 is also unsuitable for women during pregnancy.

If you are not sure whether our cruise is right for you, then please ask. We will be happy to advise.

Wheelchair Access

We regret that we cannot accommodate wheelchairs on Orca 1.

However, for passengers with limited mobility, there is suitable parking close to our office at Gairloch Harbour, and the pontoon where our boats are moored is accessible by wheelchair.

We can provide assistance with boarding and disembarkment of our boats. Please ask. We will be delighted to discuss your requirements.