2½-hour Whales and Wildlife Cruise

On this cruise, we venture out to the Whale and Dolphin feeding grounds in either, the North Minch, Inner Sound or the Sound of Raasay depending on where we know or think the animals may be found. This cruise targets the areas within 15 to 20 miles radius of Gairloch Pier.

4-hour Ultimate Orca 1 Cruise

On this cruise, we hope to show you as much of the marine wildlife you can encounter in the Hebrides. We will usually head to the most northerly areas and over to the Shiant Islands too. This can change if the target animals are in the southern areas, but this is the beauty of this length of a cruise as we can cover up to 100 miles out there and get to the areas where no-one else goes!

Lots of people would like to encounter our resident Killer Whales, and this is the cruise where you are most likely to find them, but you do have to be lucky!

3-hour Shiant Island Cruise

This cruise goes directly to the Shiant Islands to have a tour around them to see predominantly the 240,000 Puffins, White-tailed Eagles (Sea Eagles) and 500+ Common/Grey Seals.

Of course, we will stop to see any cetaceans etc that we encounter en-route although we don’t specifically search for them on this cruise, unlike the other cruises we run.

This cruise is basically all we do in the early season until the end of April / start of May because the cetaceans are usually on the move at this time of the year and have not settled down into the traditional feeding grounds.

We will run this cruise until the end of July if there is enough demand, however, most of our passengers prefer the 4-hour Ultimate Orca 1 cruise to combine this with the Whale and Dolphin spotting.

See Where we take you for maps of the areas involved.